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Tom Henderson

I was introduced to art early in life because my father was a professional cartoonist. Throughout my early years I dabbled in art, but I was more interested in becoming a muscician so that was the path I chose.

When I was in my thirties I became excited about art again after seeing the work of Charles Movalli and Edward N. Ward, and began taking workshops with both of them. It was my introduction to plein air painting.

October in New Mexico wc 13.5 20.5.jpg

Their workshops not only encouraged me to stay loose and enjoy the painting process, but inspired me to teach others as well, and I soon began teaching painting classes for Santa Barbara Adult Education.

Whether I'm on a busy harbor or in a quiet hillside, nothing puts me into the moment like painting does. Some of my favorite subjects are boats, beaches, nature and architecture. I also enjoy including people in my paintings.

I like working in watercolor and oil and am always striving to become a looser painter. I believe that what is in front of me is open to interpretation, and my goal is that my paintings be a reaction more than a rendering.

Tom was born in New Rochelle, NY, 1949. He lives in Summerland, California.

Education: Instituto Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

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